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Everyone deserves a fair go, access to a good education, quality health services and opportunities to succeed and prosper.

The Australian Labor Party has a long and proud history of fighting for and delivering on these goals.

Since the ALP was established in 1891, it has always been the party with the vision for a better future. The labour movement won better pay and safer worksites for all workers – hard-fought gains which the ALP will defend and extend.

In SA, we have put record numbers of police on the beat, built better schools to equip students with the skills they need for the future, created an advanced health service and built the vital infrastructure we need. Because of The ALP, South Australia is a world leader in delivering clean, reliable and affordable energy. The ALP knows how to protect the environment at the same time as supporting business and economic growth.

State Labor, led by Peter Malinauskas, continues to stand up for South Australia on the national stage, making sure our voice is heard and our people are respected.

Only Labor has the vision to grow jobs today and create the jobs of tomorrow.

Party Leaders

Labor Premiers

Jay Weatherill
Mike Rann
Lynn Arnold
John Charles Bannon
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Opposition Leaders

Peter Malinauskas
Mike Rann
Lynn Arnold
John Charles Bannon
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Life Members

William Fisher*
Brian Fitz-Gerald
Maureen McEwen
John Mccann*
Nita Mccann*
Vic Treffery*
Robert Collins*
Jean Hillier
Con Marinos*
Doreen Mullins*
Marjorie Williams*
Hope Byrne
Maurice Appleby
Colleen Bennetts*
Patricia Bruun*
Georgina Gent*
Russell Gent*
Monty Soloff
Valdai Lawrence*
Lawrence Stephens
Trevor Bugg*
Joe Comis
Beryl McLaren*
Marjorie Bateson
Norman Mackay
Jack Martlew*
Clyde Cameron*
John McGirr
Ronald Willis
John Andrea
Harry Doyle*
Elizabeth Fisher
Harold McLaren
Peter Vlahos
Joan Watkins
Jim Ftizpatrick
Phil Golding
Eileen Baldwin
Bill Clifford
Allan Price*
Richard Clifford
Helen Dejong
Roly Telfer
Selina Bateman
Jim Maher
Viv Maher*
Sarah Brawley
Mick Tumbers
John Boag
Bob Harris
Luke Heffernan
Ian Short
Anne Short
John McTier

* = Deceased

True Believers

True Believers

True Believers are a select group of members who go the extra mile by making a regular contribution to the Labor Party.  They receive a unique membership badge and a special invitation to an exclusive event with the leadership of the Party.

This monthly donation is automatically deducted from your credit card and we send you a receipt at the end of the financial year so that you can claim the contributions as a tax deduction.

True Believers help us to keep up the fight and enable us to run the best possible election campaigns, both State and Federal.

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Labor Women

SA Labor Women’s Network

The creation of a historic Paid Parental Scheme, changes to improve women’s retirement savings and replacing the draconian workplace laws with those which restore fairness to workers are all tangible examples of the ALP working towards improving women’s lives in Australia.

The Labor Women’s Network believes that encouraging women to participate in all levels of the Party’s structure, the government and public life is the best way to achieve policy outcomes that reflect the needs of women in the Australian community.

We work to increase the number of women active in the Labor Party and support the development of skills that assist women to participate in the Party at all levels.


For further information:

Victoria Fielding And Gemma Paech
Co-convenors, SA Labor Women's Network

email: laborwomen@alpsa.org.au

Young Labor

Young Labor is an active and vibrant organization open to all Party Members between 14 and 26 years of age.

As the youth wing of the ALP, Young Labor is involved in practical policy development. There’s an opportunity to debate issues you’re passionate about at forums, Young Labor meetings and at state convention. There’ll also be an opportunity to organise and attend social functions, meet new people and exchange ideas.

Young Labor also works with the Party towards the election of Labor governments. In Young Labor you will get the opportunity to work on election campaigns at state and federal levels. Young Labor can also open up opportunities. Many successful people in the Labor Party today got their start in Young Labor.


For further information:

Michael Bezuidenhout
Secretary, Young Labor

email: secretary@SAYoungLabor.com.au
phone: 0452 256 141
link: http://SAYoungLabor.com.au

Rainbow Labor

Rainbow Labor South Australia Inc.

Rainbow Labor South Australia is the LGBTI activist and social network of the Australian Labor Party’s South Australian Branch.  Rainbow Labor advocates for and represents LGBTI Australians and their families and is part of the national Australian Rainbow Labor Network, with our state convenors sitting on the National Executive.

Any member of the ALP who is interested in furthering the rights of the LGBTI community is welcome to join Rainbow Labor SA, regardless of your sexuality. Rainbow Labor SA members are central in developing our campaigns and policies and the Executive actively welcomes any suggestions for areas to pursue.

Our current key policy objectives revolve around the following Federal and State policy areas:

  • access to IVF;
  • Marriage Equality;
  • Adoption and surrogacy; and,
  • Removal of all discrimination towards LGBTI people and their families.

You can ‘like’ us on Facebook or ‘follow’ us on Twitter (@rainbowlaborsa).

To join, simply complete the below membership form and return it to us via our email address, rainbowlaborsa@gmail.com.


For further information:

Thomas Mooney and Belinda Marsden
Co-convenors, Rainbow Labor SA

email: rainbowlaborsa@gmail.com
phone: 0412 942 594 (TM)
link: http://facebook.com/rainbowlaborsa


The Labor Environment Action Network is a grassroots network of ALP members who aim to:

  • Influence the policies of the ALP and Labor parliamentary caucuses to support strong action on climate change and sustainability based on the science.
  • Advocate moving to a low carbon economy in a way which reflects Labor’s values of social justice, decent work and strong communities.
  • Engage and mobilise ALP members around climate change and sustainability.
  • Develop dialogue and relationships with unions, business, think tanks, environmental NGOs and community organisations committed to action on sustainability and climate change
  • Promote and grow LEAN and ALP membership throughout Australia

LEAN is a new way for people to become involved in and engage with the Party. We are non-factional, and welcome all Party members committed to learning more about climate change and taking action.

What LEAN does:

  • Organises speakers for ALP Branch meetings to discuss climate change and sustainability
  • Hold regular forums and discussions, often with prominent environmentalists.
  • Circulate resolutions for consideration by branches to promote debate on environmental issues.
  • Develop and campaign for the implementation of policies which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create green jobs and support ecological sustainability.

For further information:

email: sa@lean.net.au
link: http://www.lean.net.au/

Country labor

Country Labor

South Australia boasts an extraordinary wealth of diversity in its regions.

From the lush pastures of the South-East to the endless plains of the Outback, from the pristine beauty of Kangaroo Island to the industrial muscle of the Upper Spencer Gulf, from cropping country to the mighty Murray – country South Australia is filled with opportunity.

The Australian Labor Party understands the regions and their importance to the state.

The State Labor Government has backed the agricultural sector to grow production and exports by lowering business costs, supporting research and development, opening trade routes and building a stronger value-add chain of food and fibre processors.

We have stood up for the Murray and the needs of SA irrigators and tourism operators and protected the environment.
We have led the nation in initiatives such as the Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE), facilitating mining and energy projects and creating jobs in regional areas.

We will ensure the commercial fisheries sector has a long-term, sustainable future while also improving access for recreational fishing.

Labor listens to the community which is why regional residents are welcome to participate in Country Labor SA.
With regular meetings in regional areas and a biennial conference, Country Labor SA gives members the opportunity to shape policies and to build Labor’s presence in the regions.
If you are a country person (whether you live in the country or not) Country Labor invites you to be a part of the action.


For further information:

Bill Clifford

email: jandbclifford@internode.on.net
phone: 08 8398 0868