Hon Irene Pnevmatikos MLC

My professional and community work has always focused on supporting and achieving results for workers, women and disadvantaged groups in South Australia.

I am the daughter and wife of working class migrants who came to this country seeking democracy and economic fairness.

It’s those values that have shaped my entire life and that I wish to bring to South Australian Parliament.

The luck of the circumstances that someone is born in to should not be a barrier to access quality education, healthcare and employment in our State.

From my work as a lawyer through to my community advocacy, I believe that I have much to contribute on behalf of workers and progressive causes.

Since 2004 I have worked as a solicitor and been equity partner in my law firm, Manfield & Co Injury Lawyers. Prior to this I held a range of senior positions at the South Australian Workers Compensation Tribunal as a Manager, Coordinator, and Conciliation and Arbitration Officer.

Through much of the last 35 years I have worked to improve the representation of women from non-English speaking backgrounds in the community, workplace and government.

Serving as a delegate of the Federal Government to the United Nations in New York and Beijing for the Fourth World Conference for Women was a personal milestone.