Hon Irene Pnevmatikos MLC

Irene is the daughter and wife of working-class migrants who came to this country seeking democracy and economic fairness.

It’s those values that have shaped her entire life.

Irene believes the luck of the circumstances that someone is born in to should not be a barrier to access quality education, healthcare and employment in our State.

From her work as a lawyer through to community advocacy, Irene has much to contribute on behalf of workers and progressive causes.

Since 2004 to my election in 2018, Irene worked as a solicitor and equity partner in her law firm. Prior to this she held a range of senior positions at the South Australian Workers Compensation Tribunal as a Manager, Coordinator, and Conciliation and Arbitration Officer.

Through much of the last 35 years Irene has worked to improve the representation of women from non-English speaking backgrounds in the community, workplace and government.

Serving as a delegate of the Federal Government to the United Nations in New York and Beijing for the Fourth World Conference for Women was a personal milestone for Irene.

Irene’s professional and community work has always focused on supporting and achieving results for workers, women and disadvantaged groups in South Australia.

Since her election in 2018, Irene has chaired the Wage Theft Committee, co-sponsored the Free Menstrual Hygiene Products Pilot Program Bill and has been a strong advocate for abortion law reform and the decriminalisation of sex work.

As a Legislative Councillor Irene will continue to advocate for those whose voices are not always heard.