John Fulbrook

John, his wife and six-year-old son live within the electorate at Mawson Lakes.

A proud product of public education and coming from a family of teachers, he knows that access to a good education is the best path to a happy and fulfilling life. Unashamedly John is keen to put his experience to good use in improving facilities and services for the people of Playford.  

Starting at the young age of 14, he worked for seven years at his local supermarket, supporting his studies to eventually graduate with degrees in Arts and Business. While taking a gap year in the UK and seeing first-hand the adverse consequences brought on by low wages, he was determined to devote his career to improving the lives of the people and communities around him.  

On returning to Adelaide, John felt the need to speak out and warn of the impact of the Howard Government’s Work Choices industrial relations agenda. This led to him first becoming a workplace union delegate, before joining the Australian Labor Party in 2004.  

John has enjoyed a diverse career working for the Property Council, Immigration Department and SA Department for Education. He has also advised former Rann and Weatherill Government Ministers in a range of portfolios including disability, education, road safety and emergency services.  

In recent times he has worked in the Northern Territory, advising the Territory Government on the successful implementation of its planning reform agenda. This led to a simplification of its planning system, with community values embraced as the driving force behind key practices and policies. 

With a proven track record in ensuring governments work in the best interests of their communities, John wants to know what matters most to you?