Karen Grogan

Karen Grogan believes in a more just and fair society for all and has spent her working life fighting to achieve exactly that; working across education, the environment, mental health, Aboriginal affairs, and the social and community services sectors.

Entering Federal Parliament, in October 2021, as a Senator for South Australia, Karen came with a diverse background and wide-ranging experience.

She has worked within the university sector and at the Central Lands Council. Most recently, she was at the United Workers Union, fighting for some of the most vulnerable and low-paid workers in the country.

Karen has also served as CEO of the South Australian Council of Social Services, Director of the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, and held senior roles in the offices of Federal Minister Mark Butler and former South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill.

Karen is committed to achieving a better society spending her time in the Senate fighting for well-paid and secure jobs, universal access to health care and an equitable education system.

Karen is a passionate advocate for the environment, and action on climate change, and as the Chair of the Senate Standing Committee of Environment and Communications, fights for real action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Karen wholeheartedly supports Truth, Treaty, Voice and looks forward to First Nations recognition in the Constitution.