Louise Miller-Frost

I am passionate about equity and fairness. Throughout my working life, I’ve worked to make a positive difference in my community.

I was most recently the CEO of St Vinnies, have been the Chair of Unitingcare Wesley Bowden, CEO of Catherine House, and Co-Chair of the Adelaide Zero Project to end homelessness and Co-Chair of Anti-Poverty Week.

I’ve worked in health and in local government – providing support for older Australians and people with disability, economic development for local businesses, and facilities that build community: libraries, community centres, sporting clubs and open spaces.

I’m the beneficiary of what Labor governments do. My grandparents benefited from public education and health care. It changed their lives, and has meant my parents and I have been able to get ahead.

The people of Boothby have done the right thing through COVID.

They deserve a government that will keep them safe, that builds back better to deliver good secure jobs, and that ensures businesses continue to thrive.

They deserve a government that protects the environment they value, and takes action on climate change to Australia a world leader in the low-carbon economy to power Australian manufacturing and other industries.

I’m running for Boothby because I have the values and experience to advocate for our community and ensure we have a government that helps everyone get ahead.