Olivia Savvas

Olivia lives and grew up in the North East.

Whilst at university, Olivia worked at the 42nd Street Café, and took the O-Bahn to the city to study.

For Olivia, 42nd Street Café was the heart of the community. It was there that Olivia made friends with the mall walkers, veterans known as the ‘X Men’ and the Tea Tree Gully community bus drivers who’d bring residents from the Lutheran Village and Masonic Homes for a coffee.

Olivia often had to park in the side streets when the Park ‘n’ Ride was full. Some nights when she finished Uni late she’d have to walk through dark streets to Raymond Road where she had parked her car. Olivia knows first-hand the toll a lack of parking options has on local residents.

Now as a local councillor, Olivia has been working hard to the community that has given her so much.

Olivia is stepping up for the North East.

▶To support our ambos and health workers and address the ramping crisis

▶ To fight against paid parking at TTP, which will add to the cost of living for all of us

▶ To scrap the outdated CWMS, and guarantee all households will be connected to a modern and efficient network at no cost to residents