Privacy Policy

The South Australian Labor Party (SA Labor) values your privacy, and follows current Australian best practice guidelines to ensure your privacy is protected.

Generally, any information collected by SA Labor is provided by you when you chose to receive content specific to you. This information allows us to communicate with you, where updated information is made available. We will not share your information with anyone else, except where legally allowed, or required.

From time to time, SA Labor may conduct surveys designed to improve your website experience. SA Labor collects non-identifying information relating to website usage by visitors for the purpose of improving your website experience. This information includes time, date, IP address, browser and other general website usage information.


Generally, we collect information that you provide in the process of searching, registering or completing surveys. Information is also collected on third-party platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, if you agree on these platforms to share this information. Cookies are used to collect non-identifying information.


Information is collected to improve, personalise and customise your website experience. Information is also used to communicate with you about various material.

SA Labor adheres to obligations set forth in the South Australian Electoral Act 1985.


All e-mails sent via automated mailing lists will identify SA Labor or its representative as the sender and will include a suitable method for unsubscribing.

Disclosure of Information

Personal information provided to SA Labor, and information collected by SA Labor, will not be disclosed to any other third-party except where legally required.


This work is copyright. Permission is given for non-profit electronic viewing and distribution. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, this material may be reproduced by any process without prior written permission providing the material is not altered in any way and due acknowledgement is given. Any person wishing to distribute this material should seek also advice on their legal obligations under the South Australian Electoral Act 1985.


Some of the electorate and electoral information is made available courtesy of the Electoral Commission of South Australia. Copyright © Electoral Commission of South Australia, 2020. All rights reserved.

Statistical information is calculated using materials sourced from State and/or Federal Government services, as specified.

SA Labor encourages you to engage with this website in good faith. We welcome your feedback. Please contact SA Labor directly.