Temporary Rule Changes

Temporary rule changes currently in effect

The following Rules have been enacted to allow for the ongoing operations of the South Australian Branch of the ALP while COVID-19 social distancing restrictions apply.


Rule 5.3.9 is replaced by:

5.3.9  The State Secretary shall refer any objection received within the sixty (60) day period which complies with Rule 5.3.8 to Credentials Committee.  Credentials Committee shall, on a date that is within 180 days after receipt of the objection or, if any social distancing requirement, rule or restriction is in place on the date that is 150 days after the receipt of the objection, then on a date that is within 60 days after all social distancing requirements, rules or restrictions are permanently lifted, hold a meeting and by resolution make a recommendation to State Executive as to whether the applicant should be admitted to membership or reallocated to a Sub-Branch as the case may be.  The applicant in relation to whom the objection has been made shall be informed in writing of the time and date of Credentials Committee meeting and shall be provided with a copy of the objection and any supporting material.  If the applicant wishes he or she must be heard personally at a Credentials Committee meeting in relation to the objection.


Rule 5.4.1 is replaced by:

5.4.1  Notwithstanding any other rule, the State Executive shall have an unfettered power to refuse membership to any person at any time, including after the sixty (60) day period referred to in Rule 5.3.4, if, by virtue of a recommendation of Credentials Committee or its own assessment or otherwise, the State Executive is not satisfied as to the person’s identity,  is not satisfied that the person meets the requirements of Rules 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 or is not satisfied that the person has answered, answered adequately or answered truthfully, or otherwise cooperated fully with, questions asked or enquiries made by or on behalf of the Party in relation to the person’s membership application, regardless of whether an objection to the membership has or has not been received by the State Secretary.