Labor’s plan to deliver a bigger health system

The Malinauskas Government is delivering a generational investment to build a bigger and improved health system for the future.

The plan to deliver a bigger health system includes:

  • opening over 550 beds
  • recruiting 400 more doctors and nurses
  • recruiting 350 additional ambos
  • building 5 new ambulance stations, rebuilding 4 and upgrading a further 10
  • supporting 24/7 pharmacies in 3 locations across Adelaide
  • building and improving key health infrastructure

We’re delivering:

  • 150 hospital beds opened by the end of this year with 130 more beds coming online in 2025. That’s the equivalent of another TQEH built and operational by the end of next year.
  • 550 additional frontline staff already recruited.
  • More than 170 ambos already hired with 87 more to come this year. That’s 258 new ambos hired by the end of 2024.

Construction now underway on four of the new ambulance stations


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